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The sort of crisp smell and feel we all love when sliding into our beds with freshly cleaned sheets. The oil initially exudes a strong and prominent smell associated with chamomile, lily and freesia. This aroma is the most pronounced as your candle starts to burn, filling up your room with a scent that is then enhanced by light undertones of gardenia, iris root and white flowers. Incorporated into the formulation for this distinctive fragrance is a delightful trace aftertaste of Madagascar vanilla and white musk.

Light your candle, dim the lights, sit back, relax and enjoy this beautifully scented soy candle!

Never burn a candle longer than 4 hours at a time, never leave unattended, keep away from children and pets, burn on a level surface. Trim the wick before each.

Our candles are made using soy wax, vegan friendly, pure and not tested on animals. All our candle fragrances are clp compliant and the candles have clp labels.

150g candle burn time 20-25

230g candle burn time 35 – 40


150g, 220g

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